What is SmartBra?

SmartBra utilises cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence to assess and analyse breast cancer reports and provide clinical feedback based on a set of responses to a range of targeted questions from the patient. A risk assessment is the primary goal of the evaluation however, SmartBra also offers a host of other tools that support and accompany the risk assessment. For example, SmartBra is accompanied by MyBreastFriend; a 3D virtual companion that is able to respond to practically any question asked by the patient, at any time.


SmartBra will not replace the advice of a professional consultant, clinician or doctor but does offer a unique interactive user experience to support and enhance traditional methods of communication. In addition, SmartBra can be set to send appoinment reminders, monitor progress and follow personal medication plans.


Other more generic information, such as nutrition, healthcare choices, sport and social life, and the impact of the disease on friend and family is also provided.