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What is SMARTBra™ ?

BREASTAid™ has developed a cutting-edge breast cancer risk assessment application; The SMARTBra™ Platform that uses state-of-the-art mathematical modelling and intelligent analytics to determine, and monitor on an annual basis, your personal risk profile, incorporating all the factors that can affect your chances, including family history and genetic preconditioning, of developing breast cancer during your pre-screening ages (i.e., 25-49).

BREASTAid™ has managed to successfully negotiate, with Cancer Research UK (CRUK), a license to use the world-renowned and clinically validated International Breast Cancer Intervention Study (IBIS) model for our Risk Assessment. Moreover, extensive research by BREASTAid™ has allowed us to further expand on the various questions and data requested during the Risk Assessment with a view to uncovering new patterns and correlations potentially leading to ground-breaking discoveries in breast cancer research.

SMARTBra™ will not replace the advice of a professional consultant, clinician, or doctor but does offer a unique interactive user experience to support and enhance traditional methods of communication. In addition, SMARTBra™ can be set up to send appointment reminders, monitor progress, and follow personal medication plans.

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