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As we know that the early detection of breast cancer has been proven to save women’s lives, it is astounding that over 30% of the women in the UK do not attend their allocated breast screening appointment. Although we do not know the answer to this, we have set up a network of women who are willing and able to support those of you that are scared, sceptical, or just need a helping hand to attend the vital breast screening appointment.


Lisa Darbyshire

Since my Grandmother died of cancer when I was 10, I have had an obsession with cancer and so constantly check my breasts.  At 53 I have only been invited to one mammogram so far, so I understand how uncomfortable going for this procedure is and understanding the importance of early detection of breast cancer, would be honoured to support anyone who would rather not go for a mammogram than go alone – let’s do this together !


Jo Ratcliffe

A 52 year old mother of 2 boys, I have attended 1 mammogram. I feel quite anxious about the accuracy of the what will be/not be detected as I had implants over 10 years ago and am not confident any sinister will be detected through the implant, but for now I just ensure I attend, something is better than nothing.

Although I didn’t like undressing in front of a stranger, I managed it. If I can do it anyone can. If you need support to attend a mammogram, or talk about your fears/issues, please get in touch.

Sharon Brooks-Esprit

I am a 53 year old mother of 2 girls and have attended 1 mammogram. Being of Jamaican origin, I believe that there are higher statistics of black women contracting breast cancer. I also feel more concerned about it as I had breast implants over 12 years ago and not sure if current technology can actually see behind my implants for anything that may not be quite right, but I will continue to attend breast screening because of the importance of detecting something earlier. If you need support to attend a mammogram, or talk about your fears/issues, please sign up to this support scheme.

Can you spare some time to support women who are hesitant to go for a breast screening procedure and need a “Breast Friend”? Please complete the online form and we will be in touch.
Have you received an invitation to attend a breast screening procedure and do not want to go alone? Please complete the online form and we will match you up with an available volunteer who will be in touch.