Our 2020 vision is currently focused on Africa. Why?


BreastAid™ is a not-for-profit organisation promoting the awareness and early detection of breast cancer in emerging countries, such as Africa. The probability of surviving breast cancer in the majority of African nations is extremely low. Lack of information on early detection through self-examination, as well as knowledge and an understanding of the need for early breast cancer screening through regular programmes, is a huge obstacle to reducing unnecessary deaths.

What are we doing?


We are currently in active discussions with several prominent breast cancer organisations, in various regions of Africa, with a view to improving the transfer of effective information and further promoting breast cancer awareness. Moreover, we also have several initiatives under development to provide mobile breast cancer screening units, equipped with state-of-the-art screening technology, to villages across Africa.

What will your donation achieve?

Every donation to BreastAid™ allows us to get one step closer to our goal of providing state-of-the-art breast cancer screening technology to as many villages in struggling African nations, by 2020. Your donation will allow you to become a partner in our strategy, follow our progress on a dedicated smartphone app and help us make this a reality.

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